Industrial touchscreen monitor 15.4 inches

Industrial touchscreen monitor  15.4 inches

Display device: TFT LCD

Screen size: 15.4 inches

Surface treatment: Anti glare treatment

Surface hardness: Mohs scale: 5 – 6

Resolution: 1,280 x 800 pixels at 60 Hz (horizontal x vertical)

Colors: 16,770,000 colors

Effective display area: 331 x 207 mm (horizontal x vertical)

View angles: Left: 60°, Right: 60°, Top: 60°, Bottom: 60°

Life: 50,000,000 operations min.

EMC: Correct touchscreen operation is possible within allowable EMC immunity conditions

Touch technology: Projected capacitive

Touch resolution: Touch accuracy 1.5% (4-5 mm)

Multitouch: Up to 5 simultaneous touches

Features: Water detection *2, hand palm rejection *3, gloves *4

Backlight life: 50,000 hours min. *5

Brightness adjustment *6: 200 levels

DVI-D Video interface: Digital only

Resolution: 1,280 x 800 pixels at 60 Hz

Maximum cable length: 15m

USB Type-A connectors: USB connectors for external device connection

            Number of ports: 2

            Standards: USB 2.0

            Current: 500mA max.

            Maximum cable length: 5m

USB Type-B connector: SB connector for connection with the host PC

Number of ports: 1

            Standards: USB 2.0

            Maximum cable length: 5m

Rated power supply voltage: 24VDC (19.2 to 28.8 VDC)

Grounding method: Ground to less than 100 Ω

Power consumption: 25 W max.

Inrush current: At 24 VDC: 5 A / 10 ms max.

Overvoltage category: JIS B3502 and IEC 61131-2: Category II

EMC immunity level: IEC 61132-2: Zone B


*1.There may be some defective pixels in the display. This is not a fault as long as the numbers of defective light and dark pixels fall within the following standard range: light and dark pixels 10 or less. (There must not be 3 adjacent light/dark pixels.)

*2.If water is detected the touch functionality will not be available.

*3.If a palm is detected that specific area is neglected.

*4.The touchscreen can be operated when wearing gloves. Confirm the touchscreen can be operated with gloves before actual operation.

*5.This is the estimated time before brightness is reduced by half at room temperature and humidity. The life expectancy is drastically shortened if used at high temperatures.

*6.If the brightness is set to very dark, it causes flickering or the screen will be too dark to use.


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